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 you know...

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PostSubject: you know...   Sun Oct 14, 2007 5:36 pm

...i just can't get over the the fact that he said "i love you and i'm hoping to spark the relationship again" and he does this..and then the whore says i'm putting him on a guilt trip...and he just listens to her...when i love him to death..i loved him more than anything else and he just shatters me...i love him...I FUCKING LOVE HIM...and this happenes to me...i do the break thing for him...just because it seems like i'm losing interest doesn't mean i am....i'm not i'm not i'm not and i wasn't! John! you are as damned as you seem! you just are! you don't ever listen to me at all!! my heart has always been in your hand and you crush as if it were a piece of paper! it'll never be the same again...my heart is like a picture someone drew..once the picture is crushed up it can never be the same as it was! you know that! why? why? why? why? you're tearing me apart i'm not going to make it through...no one loves me alright? not my parents, not my siblings..no one..alright and with you i was at least content enough to forget about that stuff and now it's just comes back
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you know...
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