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PostSubject: BAY AREA WORDZ   Sat Jul 07, 2007 6:41 am

by joe-your-bro

stunnaz.... the infamous dark glasses that rappers have suddenly decided to rap about, after getting bored with cadalacs, rims, hoes, money and weed. (i don't hate rap by the way).
jagged edge just relaesed "stunnaz" - a song that one would expect to be about stunnaz. of course they are ALL wearing them - even if they look FAT with them on, or they DON'T SUIT THEM.
the girls have 'cleverly' made a dance in which they touch their massive glasses then lean wit it, rock with in.
in my opinion, these guys need to find something intresting to sing about.
rapper 1; i like this beat
rapper 2; wat da song gonna be about?
rapper 1; where u been - obivously rims and hoes!
rapper 2; nah man. how about them phat stunnaz!

This is OFFICIAL AS IT GETS straight from the place where it ORIGINATED, Oakland CALI.
A Scraper is a late 80's to late 90's General Motors made (affordable) luxury car with rims so big (20-22") that the tires rub the inside of the fender and frame. The most common Scraper is made by Buick and includes Regals, Centurys, Park ave's, and Le Sabres. Oldsmobile Cutlass, Cutlass Supreme's, and 88's as well as Pontiac Bonnevilles, and the ugliest one of all, a Chevy Lumina are all considered Scrapers when ridin' on 20's. Slap in the trunk is a must, but the tint, whistle and suction tips, dvd screens, and candy paint is all optional. The way you set your s*** up seperates your whip from all the other scrapers out there. That's why you will probably never see 2 identical Scrapers.
I jus' flipped some dubs for my Regal, now my s*** is an official scraper.
I seen that n*gga ridin' down the block in a clean a** scraper.
I seen Q at the sideshow yokin in the scraper with all 4 doors open

Goin' stupid doo doo retarded, ridin' the yellow bus, thizzin' on a pill, dancin' on top the boxed-out scrapper
Every time I hear Mac Dre I go dumb

Main Entry: hyphy
Pronunciation: "HIGH-fee"
Function: adjective
Etymology: Etymology: San Francisco Bay Area, shortened perhaps from English dialect "hyperactive"; other sources cite a combination of "hype" and "fly." Popularized by E-40 and the Federation's song "Hyphy" (2004); first known use on record by Keak Da Sneak in 1998 (on "Cool," from his LP Sneakacidle).
1 : dangerous and irrational: CRAZY;
2 : amusingly eccentric; without inhibition: GOOFY
"They were getting hyphy up in the club Saturday night."

The influential properties of extasy...
thizz'n: the act of currently being influenced by the proterties of consumed extasy
thizzle: a synonym for "thang"; derived from the word "thing"
thizzle dance: YaY area dance created by [YaY} area rapper Mac Dre
Thizz or Thizz'n: Took some extasy and the effects are known as thizz'n.
I want to take some extasy tonight i.e I'm want to thizz.
Thizzle: I'm out hurr doin' my thug thizzle; Do your thizzle my nizzle!
Thizzle Dance: (directions)
First, I do like this
Put a look on my face like I smelt some piss,
Bounce to the beat till it start to hurt,
Then I dust off the smirk off me shirt...
Dip to the ground as I catch the bass,
Then I wipe all the sweat off me face,
Hop back up then I start to slide,
Poppin' my collar as I glide,
Then I break the thing down
And do the bird,
Dust myself off like I just don't curr,
Come on everybody, now's the chance,
f*** the Harlem shake
This the thizzle dance

thizz face is when you make a face like you smell some piss
"first i do like dis i put a look on my face like i smell some piss"mac dre-thizzle dance

The act of putting ones ride in neutral, opening all doors, placing the volume dial on 10, and simply rollin. One can also take the process up a notch and actually exit his/her ride. Once outside of the ride, one can dance and flow to the beat.
Ya smell me we gon' do it like this here (Oooh)
Ghost ride the whip,
Ghost ride the whip,
Ghost ride the whip,
Ghost ride the whip
Now... x8Scrape
-E-40, Tell Me When To G

Bay Area slang for "you know what I'm sayin?" Other variations include "yadadaimsayin" and "yadada I'm talkin bout?"
im bout to put this thizz in my life....spark this bleezy and take it from there yadadamean?

Krispy means fresh, super exclusive, raw, dope.. and so on. The phrase was coined by Kinfolk KiaShine and Hi-Powered.
I'm so krispy,
I'm so kripsy,
my jeans 900,
shoes 850
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